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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I got my grubee bike back out today. My wife said, over dinner, "What if I want to ride it before you sell it?" I thought she was joking, but she waited. I said, yeah, baby, I'll go get it right now. She is short! I hope she can get on it. She couldn't get a leg over my Schwinn Avenue, even with the sloped top tube. haha. I told her don't worry, if she wants to try the motor I will put the Dax on her mtn bike and we know it will fit her. What a PITA if she does, but I was kind of hoping she would want to try it bc. maybe she will want one, then I can get her to come along. If she knows she can motor back to the car when she poops out, maybe she will exercise more and get to play with us at the park more.

I saw a great trailer once, very light but strong. It was a regular kid trailer, with the top and fabric all stripped off, just leaving the square frame. It had green wire mesh from the garden center pulled over the top and doubled back under the bottom, and a box of zip ties pulling it all tight. Cargo boxes could bolt on with through bolts and 2x4 pieces on the bottom, or strap things down with motorcycle straps and bungees.
1" roller Dax Friction Drive and Tanaka 3300 with mods.

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