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Default Re: MBA Motors Mortorized Mountain Bike Anyone?? HELP??? HELP.....

sorry i havent really had time to clean it. And the last time I did it rained out here for the
first time in LA and it got messed up afterwards.

when fully clean, its such a good looking bike.

i have to fix the battery door with a lock. (i lost the key) and clean the rust spots.

other then that, she runs like a champ, just not up steep grades. Even with pedal assist.

you guys see that it has a turn key ignition. to turn on and off the ignition, and the grip is the
gas, such like a motorcycle.

the batter just ran me 65 bucks 2 months ago....then, low and behold, it doesnt have an alternator.
so i had to buy a trickle charger...another 23 bucks at wally world.
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