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Default Re: Tank graphics over done? yes or no?

Originally Posted by FarRider View Post
Very tasteful, You cant beat "Preowitz" style flames. I've seem the "flaming heart" effect you mentioned on larger sportster and stretched fat bob type Harley tanks,
It might be a little busy on such a small tank.
Love the "pin up girl" on top.

Ive been thinking of narrowing a sportster thank and using WWII "flying tiger" aircraft fighter plane art work on a military styled SCSW Morini bike ive been thinking about.
The P40s the flying tigers flew were terrifying to the Japanese pilots that flew against them.

But no matter, if it moves you... do it! Thats the great thing about this hobby, when it comes to looks, there really is no "wrong" way".
Lookin good!
Well the wife decided she didn't like the pin up with her face on it so i started taking it off downtown...well when I got home I busted out the hair dryer to take it the rest of the way off....peeled the topp layer of body filler off of the tank....I can fix it. but crap.
I'll be putting it back on...I was just making a point...and I think she feels bad anyhow for critisizing it.
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