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Default Re: Some help with centrifugal clutch install

Ok I completed my CC install today, I took my time and it took me 3 hours. First I pull the small gear, left the woodruff key as is, grind the inside of the clutch a little bit to make it fit all the way in. Then I cut a notch on the clutch for the woodruff key, install the old clutch cover I only had to use 1 new gasket plus the old one, the old gasket is actually twice as thick as the new one. I didn't screw the 2 thread holes that are located behind the new CC, didn't have enough bolts. Then I install the new CC, tightened it down with the bolt using washer plus locking washer. The CC went all the way in of the taper. I push the bike to check for clearance and notice my CC housing is not perfectly round, it kinda wobbles? I guess bad quality control on these CC? I then installed the CC cover, thank God it fit! Then I ran into the main issue, the crank was hitting the new CC cover. This was the most troublesome part, I took out the pedals and using a pipe I cold bend the cranks. My crank is made of aluminum and that SOB is flexible! Keep in mind I did this all by myself so bending it and keeping the bike steady was a pain in the @ss! I actually pulled a muscle doing it but it was minor, hopefully. It would be much easier to bend it I had someone to help me hold the bike. I kept bending little by little until I finally got clearance, that was by far the hardest part of the installation. I am still missing 1 bolt on the cover and 1 oil drain hole on the other cover? The new CC only came with 1 freakin cover bolt! I need to run to the hardware store and get more bolts. I made a test run and it works great! See the pics during my installation, the pics are not uploaded in the order I wanted it to be, sorry.
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