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Default Re: MBA Motors Mortorized Mountain Bike Anyone?? HELP??? HELP.....

Originally Posted by bandito View Post
Actually belt drive is the shizzits, quieter and more efficient.

hmm. news to mee....

im thinking the belt is slipping, or perhaps something inside the tranny.

it can sit idle, when i turn it on with the starter button. Idle as long as I
please, then i sometimes pedal start it. Then give it gave, or just give it
gas from the jump.

so yeah. im thinking it has some sort of expanding on a moped
perhaps. I dunno, i never taken it apart or have the mechanical ability to do so.

for some reason, i could be easily mistaken. But i remember the engine being
a 65cc or 80cc engine. i dunno...howver i dont think its a 50 for shure.
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