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Default Re: I'm really jazzed over a new chain I got today!

The vendor on ebay lists this new chain at 440 grams of weight- and that's with 110 links

The same vendor also sells the KMC 415H chain and lists the weight as 800 grams- and that's for only 98 links.

I'm sure the 415H is still even lighter than a kit chain- I'm thinking maybe 1000 grams for 110 links possibly of a normal China girl kit chain-

at any rate, it appears that this chain is about half the weight of a kit chain- it feels like it too.

and look at the center part in the picture in the O.P.- theres a gap and a lot more slop-

the proof will be in use- unfortunately I'm pretty burned out and riding a lot oitherwise- it may take a couple of weeks to get this on and try it-

I really don't think it's going to be anything but BETTER!
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