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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by happycheapskate View Post
I took my tanaka bike to the city park with my kid trailer and it rode like a dream! Miles of smiles, and my daughter loved it as we pulled around on the paths and grass to the water park. The bike pulls up hill even from 3.5 mph and was a breeze to start anytime we needed a boost. Glad I didn't buy this one first because I might have sold it to buy the happytime. This is more fun because I can use it every day. The joggers and baseball kids smiled and waved. Felt like a million bucks. I am usually the outsider, the stranger, the oddball. On the bike I am the super-dad, the neighbor, and the oddball with a cool machine.
Awww, that was great to read Happy!


Hiker made that smilie for AZbill but fits.

What ever happened to Hiker? Miss him. I gotta write. I kinda got out of the habit of chasing MIA MBers. They always seem to be OK and just got busy or drifted off.

No one can stop coming around with out sayin' good bye or some thing! Or we will send a coupla' guys over (In a Brooklyn accent)
worst apocalypse ever
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