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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Ok being the penny pinching person I am I came up with a way to dampen the sound similar to the external plastic things Ive seen on various sites. I took an old mouse pad and traced out the diagram of the clutch cover then I cut it out leaving the line I traced + about a 1/2" or material to leave room for the screw holes . I then super glued it onto the cover and away you go . Heat doesn't seem to be an issue & If it did I was planning on cutting out the same pattern on gasket sheet using that as a heat barrier between the mouse pad and the cover but that step wasn't necessary in this particular application . The difference in sound is immediately noticeable & there is a lot more smiling faces in the neighborhood than usual

My cutting wasn't very precise on this one Just a quick "how to" on a spare cover

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