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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Originally Posted by Norman View Post
When you first get your engine take the time to make good gaskets use the kits gasket as a pattern and use your home made ones. mostly the side covers,intake and exhaust will be the ones to make here's an example.

I went to Advanced auto and asked the guy working to point me to the direction of the cork style gasket material he asked me what it was for I said I'm using it on my intake manifold and my exhaust manifold. You can not use it on your exhaust manifold .I said OK what ever you say Then the guy says I'm not selling this to you.and takes it back . So the next day I sent my fiance in to get the same stuff I could have easily went to Auto zone but this was personal. So he asked her whats it for she said what? What are you using it for, she said to be honest it isn't any of your business what I'm using it for. Keep in mind this guy is just plain rude we are not rude folks but the way this guy asks "What are you using it on"? If Id a seen the problems coming I'd have said I ran out of cheese , & given him the Mel Gibson Crazy look from L.W.1
P.S. been using the same gasket for almost 200 miles now, and Ive had it pretty hot a few times no issues what so ever.

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