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Default Removal and replacement of crankseal

I noticed my clutch slipping very easily today and decided to open the clutch cover. I found that the crankseal behind the small bevel gear completely came out and is resting against the back of the small bevel gear. This led to gas/oil leaking into the clutch and causing the clutch plate to slip a lot. I used a screwdriver to pushed the seal back into place and it seems to be fine. Should I replace the crankseal or is it fine to just push it back in place and leave it at that?

Let's say I decide to replace the seal, how do I remove the small bevel gear? I tried installing the tool, but it doesn't want to thread correctly to the small gear. I am afraid of forcing it and stripping out the threads in the small bevel gear. As for the seal, how do I remove it if it is flush with the crankcase? How do I reinstall the bevel gear once done? wooden board and hammer? or should I screw in the gear puller and hammer on it to seat the bevel gear? Thanks.
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