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Default Re: Some help with centrifugal clutch install

Hey guys. So today I installed it. First I grinded down the 3 clutch pins, and it doesn't rub, no need for extra gaskets.
However I am having a hard timing putting the actual CC on the shaft. I got it on there as far as it will go, I made the notch for the key and everything, and it's all good, but how do I get it to go the extra couple MM? Here is a pic of what it looks like.
I don't think the notch is the problem, it's as deep and as long as the standard gear. I think its that widening part at the end that I don't know how to overcome. Do i just hammer it on or something lol I have no idea. Or should I make a gasket and fit this cover on like this. I don't know. If I put like.. two or three washers in between the big cover and small cover it will be OK. But does that mean the CC isn't on all the way?

I took a chance and turned it on without the cover. It worked very well. And it was a blast to start from a standstill without pedaling. Besides, I can't really pedal, not enough clearance. That will be the next part of the install. Who needs pedals with this clutch anyways :P
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