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Default Re: I'm really jazzed over a new chain I got today!

I got a 415 half link from the Pirate- I'd ordered it before I saw these chains- one of my questions was- Is the half link advertised with the chain the same one they sell otherwise?

i don't know- no answer-

but this one that arrived a few days ago looks really like neither chain- sort of a straight plate- but the size is really more like the smaller 415 trike chain I just got.

here's the plain black one on e-bay- delivery was a little slow, sending out, but not bad.
week and a half or two or something.
KMC 3/16" 415 TRIKE & INDUSTRIAL 110L BLACK | eBay

I'm just running it on China Girls with lightweight bikes and wheels on the street- don't know how it would hold up thrashing it off road-there's still the KMC 415 H, in between this and kit chain.

to me it bridges the gap between a motorcycle chain and a truer kind of bicycle motor chain- but the proof will be in how it works- It looks like it would pedal around the small motor sprocket especially, easier.

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