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Default Re: Man take a look at these prices

I have a 50cc scooter- it's even got moped-sized 16" spoked wheels and three speeds-

it is definitley faster (but a real dog on climbs!)

I think I'm gonna sell it come spring-

I'm riding my two builds much more for the short utiltarian trips I make-

The scooter needs to be registered- you have to sit behind lines of cars backed up- it's stable, but it feels HEAVY

My motorized bicycle on the other hand- I'm always shutting down- peddling around traffic at intersections and in parking lots-

if I see interesting garbage- I am "SCAVENGER!"- I shut down and pedal back to take a look-

my motorized bicycle is much more serviceable- I keep them inside, UPSTAIRS and can change a piston in a half hour-

Yes- while most people will want a scooter- mainly because they don't want to mess with something- AT ALL- and you can find scooters for a couple hundred with nothing more wrong than a gummed up carburetor from non-use- and VERY TYPICAL I might add-

I've really come around to appreciating my motorized bicycle even more. I'm going as fast as I'd ever care to fall off anything in my late 50's- I raced bicycles for all those years so i'm used to the speed otherwise, and there's no turkeys to fall in front of me! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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