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Default re: Motorized Snow Bicycle

Instead of having just one ski on the front, you incorporate a dual action ski to the front. Just like a regular snow-mobile has, only at a narrow stance.
I have a cousin who did this to his 250 Suzuki a few years back. He mad a 4' track for his bike and added two radical skies to the front of his ride. It took all of 2 hours to get the feeling of riding it on the snow. Next was history in the making. This has been around for many years in the mountains of WV. My father grew up there and they did the same back in the late 40's, only know one really took it as a smart mode of transportation. It was a real chore to actually get good enough to be comfortable tracking in the snow on peddle power. Especially if it was through a rough and deep gully, or old storm wash.
Out here in the desert, it would actually be like doing the cool thing. I can see out-riggers on many bikes too, just to help stabilize the side torque and weight ratio-slip action from peddling. There are reasons why sleds have wide tract belts, and to only have a narrow tract less then 4" is only asking for trouble.
The laws of physics is always a determining factor in my efforts to make something work, especially if it is on the verge of stepping out of the box. Most rear space on a bike chassis is ~ 4" at the most of clearance, if the tract is only, say 3" wide, then the actual weight of 200 lbs will make a very hard to ride item in anything deeper then 6". I am 5'10" tall @ 250+ lbs, the minimum size tract required for my large frame would need to be at 4" wide and 4' past the center axle on my bike. Plus the front steering skies would need to be at least 10" from outer edges to actually carry my weight safely across anything deeper then 6". I live where the best snow on earth falls for some of the best skiing around the world. And when I am on the slopes, I drop 4" to 6" on a normal snow pack, up in the denser areas, I drop over 12" down into the medium pack. It would require a special made chassis to get my big butt over the snows and through the woods..........

I am game for anything out of the norm...and this is one of those gimicks only the fool hearted would do. I am game to do one, but it would require a larger cc engine for my efforts to function like we would expect it to work.

Game ON everyone.......this fat old walrus is ready for winter fun.

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