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Default Re: kit came today!

[QUOTE=GearNut;333725]No matter where you bought your engine from, no matter what model it is, no matter how good of a reputation either of the aforementioned may have, one cannot escape the fact that these engines are cheaply priced and equally cheaply made with chintzy quality control.
Before any engine is installed it is a very good idea to take the thing apart and do your own quality control inspection.
There are risks involved though!

Think of the engine itself as a kit only all the parts come assembled. The kit still needs final finishing work before it can be deemed safe and reliable to run.

Casting flash left behind from the factory is normal. The intake manifold and cylinder ports always need a good cleanup with a dremel or similar rotary tool.
Dirt, metal shavings from machining, and even the occasional washer or odd piece of whattheheckisit are routinely found inside the flywheel compartment.

YES! 100% correct. You have to go over the engine before installation.
Those who buy a kit that goes 'from box to bike' without any inspection are asking for problems.
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