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Default Re: Don't DROOL on your keyboards...

Originally Posted by eDJ View Post
LOL, bless you ebmvegan

I've studied Colonol Lawrence since school days. His book "The Seven Pillars of Wisdom" was back then my first effort in trying to understand the Mid East and his vision for assisting it's transition into modern times. Also a map he created
to redefine it's boarders may have enabled a more stable & peaceful region today, yet the status accorded to his lower rank in the military then lead his ranking officers to unconsciously dismiss his genius for that theater of WW1.
That and the fact he was considered to have 'gone native' at the time - which was frowned upon by the PTB.

It wasnt so much that they just dismissed it, there was a fair chunk of 'thats not what we want to happen' mixed in there too. The British had promised so many people ownership of the same bits of land that by the end of the war they didnt know whether they were coming or going - sadly thats the way it has stayed ever since out that way.

I love history, but one of the things I dont like so much about it is that generally the devious/nasty/generally unpleasant get away with it and leave innocents to pick up the pieces (or in the case of the middle east - be the pieces)

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