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Default Re: Tensioner issue solved for $5 and a hacksaw

Hey East, The marks are on my tire from when the rear sprocket was on dish side in. The idler isn't meant to fix chain alignment to keep the chain off the tire.

Can you make the pic go full screen or much larger than the thumbnail pic? It is easy to see how simple this mod is with a large pic.

I drilled a hole in one corner of my idler bracket and bolted a piece of 1" Hdw. store aluminum angle there, and zip ties at small holes on the ends keep it positioned against the frame.
I used several flat washers on the 1/4" bolt between the angle aluminum and the idler bracket to keep the bracket where it needed to be with the aluminum against the frame.
I fixed it this way because it was very easy and didn't require drilling the frame for a screw.

I now use a different method with good results. I use better quality bolts on the clamp and put 2 pieces of screen mesh sanding media in the joint then clamp it down hard. Be sure and bend a little twist into the bracket to make the idler wheel perfectly parrallel with the chain . This requires taking the idler wheel off and using a large crescent wrench to induce a slight twist into the bracket, just below the adjustment slot. This may require assembly/dissasembly several times .
Be sure chain alicnment is right, then align and adjust idler wheel to the chain.

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