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Default Re: Some help with centrifugal clutch install

One of the long bolts will thread into the hole on the crankshaft. This is the mounting bolt. Use the washer with that bolt. I always add a lockwasher between the bolt head and washer, but they don't include one with the kit.

The other long bolt (with missing threads) that threads into the clutch itself is the removal tool. When you want to remove the clutch, you remove the mounting bolt and thread this one into the clutch and the end will press against the crankshaft end the clutch will pop off.

The short stubby M8 bolt is used in the large clutch cover, there's a threaded hole there that looks like an oil drain hole (there is a version of this clutch that is wet, and that in fact IS the oil fill/drain hole, only sold by grubby Grubee garbage).

The other bolts look like floor sweepings, you just need four M6 X 1.0 machine screws to mount the small cover.

Two of the five screws removed from the old clutch cover need to be shortened to go into the two holes next to the crankshaft in the new large clutch cover.

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