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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

re: test throttle. Yeah, it was made to do until I get the plastic lever with hose clamp. I also plan to use one on my monster-tiller. This is a great test tool, as you can see where you want to install your lever, or run the motor while testing different handlebars or grips.

If you zip tie the cable to the stem or bar, or ziptie the tester to the bar or grip, it can function long term but it is a little wierd.

I got the idea from some custom brake levers on a high-end hand-built bicycle. There were two stalks per side of the handlebar, with a length of cable between them, and the brakes were actuated by pulling the cables with any fingers the rider chooses. Very cool! I could not duplicate them even in a rough fashion, so this was my there-I-fixed-it answer.
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