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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Jumpa View Post
I did this, and it pretty much runs the same just cuts out as the fuel gets used up are you thinking I'm flooding out? I use to have a dark black wet spark plug when i pulled it out however I raised the clip up one notch which tech. would be lowering the needle itself into the carb correct? and now my plug is dry and minimal carbon build up on plug . Still no idle. Thank you Wm Holden
I'd close the plug gap a little as it does not appear to be flooding out..or "loading up" as I've heard it called.

Mine is acting peculiar...if I pin the throttle gets up to about 24mph...then if I close the petcock it starts screaming up to 32mph...just before it would start to cut out..if I open the will stay screaming at 32....I think it has to do with the hotter engine being able to handle the extra fuel a "relatively" cold engine can not. I'm guessing though..oh and i've lowered the float so far if I go any lower it won't run right at all.

Put on some medium height narrow "ape hangers" today....because i bought a custom hand made gas tank yesterday and refuse to let it get dented by the handle bars.
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