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Default Re: Where are all the new 2-stroke motor kits?

BGF Kits are as good as any in my opinion, I've had good luck with all but one engine, I've seen on here that a lemon can be had with any "BRAND" Kit and as it has been pointed out many many times.... they're all crap shoots that all come from the same place, ( an old run down building/factory with bad conditions employing good people for very low pay that do the best they can with the poor quality material and tools they have to work with and just like people anywhere you go, some of them just do enough to get by and others go the extra mile and actually try to get most things done right )

Have I been there? NO

But people are basically the same everywhere so I figure these reasons are why we can get good and bad from all of the "BRANDS", some maybe more or less than others but all a crap shoots just the same.

The oldest and highest mile engine I have looks just like the engines that Duane (Thatsdax) sells, it has 6mm jug studs, straight plug head and has over 1,300 miles on it and still running like a champ, I just wish BGF and others still sold this particular engine, it has been a real good one.

KCvale, as for the Ebay thing, I really dont know why anyone would be scared or bothered by Ebay, I've been buying and selling on there for years, yes the fees and such are not as good as it used to be, but with a PayPal account a purchase is so simple and trouble free that there isnt any reason to shy away from it in my opinion.
Ebay has always taken good care of me on all my purchases and the couple times I met up with a seller who misadvertised the product, Ebay set it straight in just a few days for me and I got ALL my money back, very pleased personally with all my dealings on Ebay even though it isn't as cheap to sell on there as it used to be.

Hope the rebuild works out great for ya Biknut, let us know how the balancing stuff pans out too, I'm curious on that one.

Peace, map
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