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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Today I had to adjust my brakes. The legislation for this region doesn't cover our bikes very well, it's geared mostly to electric and/or step-through frames. The only thing I did find that seemed consistent was a mandatory stopping distance of 9 m (29' 6") from 30 km/h (18 mp/h or so). I marked out a couple of stripes on the back lane and ran the bikes through it. The wife's stops in half the space. On mine, my brake cable had pulled itself under the edge of the tank and pinched between it and the crossbar, reducing my back braking power pretty badly. I loosened the tank and fished it out, and a couple of small cable ties now keep it pulled clear by going around the tank studs on that side. Now that it's freed up, I go over the end line by about a half a rim with no additional tweaking. That'll do for now.

After that we went out for a cruise over to check the PO Box, have a coffee and back. Around 20 km (12 mi), not bad. I did most of it barely above idle (30 kp/h/18 mp/h), since my wife's bike is a bit slower than mine, and that's where she's comfortable with it for now.

We stopped at the Canadian Tire for another bottle of 2-stroke oil and a few odds and ends on the way back. Answered questions everywhere we went, though not as many as we did on our trip towards downtown earlier in the week.


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