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Default Re: my second OP roller build

Yea, i couldn't agree more, really like these frames... too bad ya can't get them anymore. Seems odd to me that i can get the "typical" beach cruiser frame from Schwinn/Huffy/Macargi ...and the list goes on. But no-one except Ocean Pacific (who seem to be nearly unknown as bicycle companys go makes this style frame and Walmart was the only place that sold them.

...anyway, yea, the seatpost was welded up by my son. took him a coupla trys to get it right. Only things original are the frame and the crankset. oh, and the chain guard road it for the first few miles with no fender and decided it needed one... ended up goin with chrome to kinda balance out all the chrome on the front end.

bug - i knew we were headed in kinda the same direction... yours turned out real nice too. what size sproket did you go with on that 20" wheel?

bikenut - yea, i've always been partial to black as well... decided the orange would go nice with the saddle & bag. i'ts got a ride that backs-up the look as well (i really like these schwalbe tires... althou they're soft and probly wont last real long)
...3rd build is back to black

Mike - the extended muffler does make them a bit quieter... give it a try

Thanks for all the compliments guys/bros & a big thanks to the knowledge base that is this forum

3rd bike (Trek Calypso) is coming along nicely... should have it done in a week or so

.............hmmm, what will i build next LOL

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