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Default Re: Gah! It Never Ends!!!

Make sure the choke lever is tight. There's a screw that holds it to the carburetor body. If that screw is loose the choke return will be hard to operate because the choke plate isn't correctly disengaged when you twist the throttle. Most of the RTs I've worked with required that the screw be tightened. Don't get too heavy handed or the choke won't work at all. Tighten the screw just enough so the plate moves freely but doesn't flop around.
If the choke will not disengage and stays shut, the engine won't run very long or well.
I modified an RT carb and made the choke a manually operated as opposed to the snap action, spring loaded idea. It works great if and when you need the choke. Some have complained of the throttle cable breaking on the RT. I suspect that is because they need to twist the throttle very hard to get the choke plate to release.
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