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Default Gah! It Never Ends!!!

It seems like I just hit with problem after problem! Big or small, there is always an issue. So I was putting my engine back together today after taking it apart once again. Yesterday I replaced all the gaskets and today I cleaned some buildup off the top of my piston. So today after I put the engine back together I put a new clutch lever and new heavy duty clutch cable on my ride, which all went smoothly. As I was putting the 2-week old Dax RT carb back on my intake I noticed that though it was tightened all the way the carb would not sit on the intake tightly.

Further investigation shows that the bolt which clamps the carb onto the intake is stripped! No matter what I do it seems like there is always something that goes wrong!

Anyway, any ideas on getting the stripped bolt/nut off of the RT carb? The head of the bolt is not stripped and can be rotated with hex wrench, and the nut just stays in place while turning. I have a spare bolt and locknut that will fit but I can't seem to get this bolt out.

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