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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by killercanuck View Post
Heavy duty mount Happy! I was going to suggest using your old chain tensioner as a mount, but you've used it already

Vincent, if your surfaces mate well it should hold, but from what I read looking it up, you'll change your port timing by not having the gasket in there. For better or for worse will be up to you, I think lowering the jug adds to the low end? (at the cost of top-end)

Nice Pipe Hot Wheels! I used to have something similar, they sound great, eh? Hopefully those lights don't melt off on you ^^)

Dan! If you're going to replace the cable anyway, just get a couple of cheapy pulleys instead of $x for that kit thing.

CTrips, there's a trick for centering the sprocket, when its loose you put spacers around the hub-to-sprocket. Like gas hose, or whatever fits. 5+ pieces of spacer around the hub will keep the sprocket true while you clamp it down

My turn Had to take off my copper extension, wasn't running worth a crap. Got to find a better way to mount it to the shorty, or come up with something else. So the shorty's back on there now, and I tried to use the innards of a stock air box on it. Just the mesh and the plastic circle, but then it wouldn't go over half throttle. Took it off and it screams again oO that's a new one. Maybe the screws sticking through are holding the plunger down a hair. 2min with the hacksaw when I'm in the mood should tell me.
Today I put the gasket maker to a real test, my bro in law and I rode hard over 10 miles non stop. The engine pulled hard and strong and the gasket held up just fine. Woohoo! I'm thinking about putting this red stuff on the top head as I can see crevices with the stock metal gasket.

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