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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Heavy duty mount Happy! I was going to suggest using your old chain tensioner as a mount, but you've used it already

Vincent, if your surfaces mate well it should hold, but from what I read looking it up, you'll change your port timing by not having the gasket in there. For better or for worse will be up to you, I think lowering the jug adds to the low end? (at the cost of top-end)

Nice Pipe Hot Wheels! I used to have something similar, they sound great, eh? Hopefully those lights don't melt off on you ^^)

Dan! If you're going to replace the cable anyway, just get a couple of cheapy pulleys instead of $x for that kit thing.

CTrips, there's a trick for centering the sprocket, when its loose you put spacers around the hub-to-sprocket. Like gas hose, or whatever fits. 5+ pieces of spacer around the hub will keep the sprocket true while you clamp it down

My turn Had to take off my copper extension, wasn't running worth a crap. Got to find a better way to mount it to the shorty, or come up with something else. So the shorty's back on there now, and I tried to use the innards of a stock air box on it. Just the mesh and the plastic circle, but then it wouldn't go over half throttle. Took it off and it screams again oO that's a new one. Maybe the screws sticking through are holding the plunger down a hair. 2min with the hacksaw when I'm in the mood should tell me.
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