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Default Re: Wrong Way Solex

All done!

This is a cool ride. It will cruise at walk speed. Got my bracing all done, cleaned out the gas tank and it fired right up. I was kinda surprised as I thought it would take longer to fill up the gas lines. Nope started firing right out of the driveway.

Really quiet. This is a great neighborhood cruiser as the sound is not going to upset anyone. Not fast, I think it will only hit 20 downhill.

Had my doubts about this thing, it is China stuff, but it fired right up and runs good. I am pleasantly surprised -

I have to get one of those bent cable tubes for the compression release, that will clean up the cables and then I think I'll saw off that tilt handle for a cleaner look.

Yeah, looks - I got lots of those as people wondered "What is that thing"

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