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Default Re: Hi, I'm planning a huge adventure, please help!

Originally Posted by crowley1027 View Post
I've settled on the idea of using a gas-powered bicycle to do a coast to coast trip. I don't want to get into all the details, because you'll see the whole thing in movie theaters soon

I need all the help I can get as far as the bicycle and engine go. I have a...*runs to check what kind of bike*...A mongoose cambridge. First thing I should know is -- should I get another bike? The triangle hole in the frame measures 12" vertically, and 24" diagonally; is that big/good enough for most engines? I could have a friend cut / weld a new bar in.

Now, the most difficult part: Engine/drivetrain.

What engine? What size? What mounting style? What modifications? What about using two or three sprockets and a shifter assy on the other side to have a wider range of power?

I need to know it all -- remember, I'll be putting 3000 miles or so onto this engine, so I need a good, reliable, long lasting engine and parts. I'll carry a whole bunch of internal/external parts with me in case of failure.
--what parts would be most likely to fail/which parts should I bring extra?

Any questions, feel free to ask -- Bashing is welcome, since whatever you have to say could be used in an educational way to me.

Thanks everyone who helps
Your idea has been tried and done before.
Here is one of the attempts. Nothing like learning from others right?
Ride Across America - Motorized Bicycle Forum

Ride Across America


Hello everyone GREAT to find this site should be a wealth of knowledge and a great place to communicate on the road.

I have been planning my trip now for 3 months and will be leaving this week!

Why ride across america on a 48cc bike you ask.... ? I say WHY NOT.

I have taken 2 month leave of absence from work to do this.

Well anyways, just thought I'd get som feed back, I am going from Tampa Florida to Los Angeles CA.

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