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Default Re: Hi, I'm planning a huge adventure, please help!

The simple fact is, the HT is not designed for long continuous running. The old instructions used to say not to run them over 30 minutes at a time. One thing all engines designed for longevity have in common is that they have an iron cylinder liner. The HT doesn't have it.

Sure, there's some guys here who can build/tweak/claim they can go thousands of miles on an HT. But there is no one who has gone cross-country on one HT and proved it. No one. You're welcome to attempt to be the first. My money's against you, sorry.

My opinion and experience is that HTs are toy engines. They often require a lot of work. They are disposable, and oftentimes you'll buy one and it's a lemon. You wanna go cross-country on a MaB, build a bike with a modern industrial-rated engine. Seriously.

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