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Default Re: Hi, I'm planning a huge adventure, please help!

I'd take a happy time coast to coast with no worries or concerns. My last 2 builds are bulletproof and the only problem I had was one engine's head bolts got a little loose on a 7+ hour ride (continuous riding with only a 30 minute stop for lunch, engines ran hard the entire time) and I had to tighten them....I guess red locktite gave out after 2 years. I have shiftkits and the drive chain on them stretches a little after 4-5 hours of continuous use requiring a 10 minute adjustment.

Sure, the HT engines are cheap but they can be made reliable with not much effort. I'm very happy with my DAX HT and a old BGF happytime that have been super reliable. The DAX finally woke up and developing some decent only took over a 1 1/2 years for that to happen.
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