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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Today I did some work with the new bike stand. I slipped a couple of longer pieces of pipe over the legs of it to make it more stable while a bike was on it, and it worked pretty nicely. When I had the motor of one running and idling, I set the bike on it, let the clutch out and it purred along turning the wheel. While holding the bike steady I could even start the motor while supported with a good upward pull on the wheel.

So, first up was the back tire on the beast (again). On our ride the other day it went squishy on me, so I hit it with some air at the gas station and the "Bell" self-sealing tube did the job for the trip home. Today I pulled the wheel and went over the tire and tube. This time out there was a little sliver of steel, about 1/16" sticking outside the tire, and over 3/8" waving around inside the tire. At least this time there's a definate source of puncture. Anyway, pulled that out, cleaned up the area, put a patch over the hole (even if it is self-sealing). A quick inspection of the rest of the tube and back together it went, and I was buzzing up and down the lane in short order. Last seen, it was still sitting on pressure.

The other bike got a tweak to the carb, raised the needle a notch (back to middle) so it's starting a little more easily. I also moved the idler bracket back a bit and changed the tension on it. It's been running a little roughly, sometimes the chain seems to get a bit of slack on the top run. Looks like the rag joint and sprocket are a little off center of the axle, so I'm going to have to look into that next.


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