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Default Re: Thruster Fixie? Noob Diving!

I looked at one the other day. For $99 it would be a perfect commuter or bar hopping bike. The frame looked pretty stout, the bars and stem ok, the wheels ok but need to have the spokes tighter (easy with a stand and truing wrench).

The narrow bars were unnerving but comfortable, and the brakes were poop (plastic with metal levers, and small road type calipers. Lever travel is too long for good advantage, but they work).
Try sanding the paint off the rim brake tracks, and rub the brake shoes on the concrete a little to get them to grab harder.

The bike looks like it will fit 700x40 tires but not have much clearance left. I think it came with 700c x 35 or 38.

The bike should work fine with a rag joint, by using the fixie sprocket and lockring (or lockring and spacers) to center the cog, and using the rubber donut for propulsion.

700c wheels are quite a bit taller than 26" ATB wheels, so your 44t might feel like what a 36 does on a cruiser.

Someone asked about running a 22T cog with a happytime. I think it would be geared for about 45-50mph top speed!

I think if you buy this bike, pull everything and put some REAL grease in there instead of the little squirt of chinese snot the factories use, and adjust the cones all well, this bike should do just fine. If nothing else though, it's always a good idea to buy some real track nuts (spinning nuts) for the axles, and a better chain.

I'm looking forward to finding these in dumpsters and on craigslist for a sack lunch price.
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