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Default Re: Staton Robin Subaru crank shift kit

Originally Posted by MaxPower View Post
1000 miles
58 hours
3 oil change
about 148 mpg

I haven't posted in a while. Haven't rode the bike much after one of the freewheels broke. I've ordered a new freewheel and should be back in bushiness in no time. I'll post some pictures when it's in working order. I've got some cool mods to show off.
Max, I have also lost a couple of the ACS chainring freewheels, always on the inside position like yours.

Beware, if you are replacing the freewheel with another ACS it will also most likely fail. For some reason the ACS freewheel covers will spin off no matter how well tightened, dropping the ball bearings and shredding the ratchets. The only fix that has worked for me is to remove the freewheel covers (clockwise loosens) and re-install using red locktite. I have also heard some guys are spot welding the covers using mini-arc welders. The covers cannot be peened to lock in place as they are super hardened and will shattered any tool steel.

The super expensive "white industry" freewheels do not have this problem due to their different design, but are too costly for most of us to use.

Another possible recomendation would be to use a Shimano 18 tooth freewheel which run around $32 retail in my neighborhood. I have not gone this route but I will try it if I have another freewheel failure. You will have to alter the spacers in that the Shimano freewheel tool slots hange out a bit further and require more spacing to prevent contact with the bottom bracket bearing carrier.

Also, when installing your new freewheel, assemble all the components on the keyed axel which will align all the chainring components and remove all the runnout you have with your present setup.

Pay special attention to the dis-assembly sequence of the chainring assembly, somewhat complex, and if you get it wrong you can damage things....................Don

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