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Default Re: Oh lawd...what have I begun?

*does a little dance*

You guys saved me so much time. Thanks! Got the bike working at long last. RAW has good parts, but getting them is a PITA! Ordered em on Monday, and finally relented today to let me go pick em up since they never shipped. Got that new magneto coil dropped in, and thing fired up beautifully. Replaced the CDI too just because I don't want electrical problems! Even got it up to 23mph my phone said.

Just some funkiness if anyone has any ideas. Had an issue with the gasline leaking where it hooks into the motor too. Ended up running another line, and getting a clamp on it. If anyone has a better idea I'd go for it. Odd noise when it's in gear (could be normal, but gota figure out what it is), but happy the damn thing is working.

Oh, turns out it does have brakes. The reverse turn type. Forget what they are called, but will work while I figure out where I can rip some front ones off of another bike. Will put some pics up once I get this thing lit properly with copious amounts of EL-wire among other things. Gota make it all Burning Man & hippie-like (maybe go with a Mad Max theme). Crap, almost forgot, anyone know a good place to pickup a light for the front/back that runs off the white wire from the engine?

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