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Cool re: Motorized Snow Bicycle

I knew this would get someones attention, i was looking around and saw it, got thinking and posted it. i knew u would have to use some other mounting technique for the sproket, the shifter kit would be cool, high speep snowmobile, XD , now if you could mount it with andys adapter thing, use the high performance air filter, tuned exhaust, oooh yeahh! and were i live in canada, and winter is like 6months long, and snow for all that time, this would be ideal for getting around in a hurry,and if you look at it, $400 isnt that bad for all youd be doing, take for example, if you buy an engine kit, i spent $210 can for mine, a $5 bike, and getting a shifter kit here before Christmas, that an extra $200, S/H not included, if we can afford this stuff, why not get this kit, for all the EXTRA fun wed have, paying a total of $800 for all this, instead of paying $4000 for the ruffly the same thing if you went out and bought the actual snow bike youd see the difference, and not to mention, this is still street legal, you can ride like normal, or kick in the motor and be off and zooming past the cars that are having trouble getting through the snow, all in all, it a sound investment. im going to save up and get one no if ands or but. After my X-mas shoppings done of course.
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