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Default Re: To anybody purchasing sound deadening material

There are several products that will work. Bairdco likes 'Dip', a soft rubber like material made for dipping tool handles.
I've use PVC pipe cement. It cures hard but seems to stick well. Other suggestions that I've not tried personally but sound like good ideas are:

Spray on bed liner. Made to protect pickup truck beds.

Spray on undercoating: Made for covering the undersides of cars/trucks.

Thin rubber sheet: Use contact cement to glue it on.

I'm sure there are others like that spray on gutter repair stuff you see advertised on TV where they put a screen door in the bottom of a boat and cover it with the rubberized stuff then they put the screaming little jerk who advertises it in the boat, in the water.

Any easily applied resilient material should help quiet the cast aluminum/gear/clutch noise a little.
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