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Originally Posted by vincent713
Where can I find those fix a flat for bicycles? The ones at Walmart "slime" are for before you ride to prevent from having a flat. I want one that can fix a flat when I'm 10 miles away from home. I have a fear of getting a flat tire out on the road more than having engine issues. I can at least pedal home if it's an engine problem. I'm stuck like chuck with a flat tire

You can push, I initially thought I'd ride on a rear flat, carefully of course. The wheel already had a little annoying egg shape, but handling was real squirrly ao I pushed a mile.
Catch a bus, Allegheney County Port Authority ( our bus service ) has bike racks now on all there busses now, ....after drastically cutting service to reduce losses. Cant really celebrate that.

I'd go with thick tube and kevlar liner. Slime will be a MESS when u get a flat. I had some slime tubes, mustve gotten old maybe but they leaked an oily mess so the tube couldnt be patched.

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