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Default Re: To anybody purchasing sound deadening material

I put some in about a month ago- you may have seen my video in the video thread-
I haven't had any problem, but I may pull the cover off and report back-
what I didn't like was that the black sticky material on the outer side of the dampeners was a little gooey and sloppy even at room temp- It was hard to get them apart and peeled off

it looks like some has melted down here and splattered around a bit- I don't think you have a major prob here. I was wanting to grease the gears a bit anyway- I was surprised at how dry and clean a china girl is inside without a crankcase.

A few days after- I put some of my own into a 50cc china girl- I used foam poster mounting board from a dollar store with pie plate aluminum on the outside, all stuck on with gasket seal-

I'll maybe pull both covers and take some photos- this mechanical stuff sure takes it's toll the older I get tho. Whew!

I'll post again in a day or two.
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