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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Today I swapped out the stock fuel line on the secod bike to the NAPA 3/16" line, and then we went for a ride. We were out for around 5 hours or so. Went a fair distance, over 25 km round trip but it was with a fair bit of traffic so we weren't going very fast. Plus the outbound trip was mostly uphill, great for the 48T sprocket, a bit of work for me on the 36T.

The final destination today was a shop called The Bike Doctor. I was out for dual brake levers, and got a couple, but while I was there I was busier answering questions for people and so on. Customers and the store's owner and staff were all over our two bikes, and unlike the shop with attitude problems, they were all grinning and loved them. (No one wanted to ride, nor would I let them, busy street). I know where my money's going now when I need more professional bike help.
However, while there I asked about stands. They can order in a few different types, but they had a small one there that I picked up. They will take internet orders, I asked. There's a couple of pics below, click here for a gallery of the thing.
Looking at it, it would be pretty easy to make something like this, the base could be made from a pair of old handlebars, and someone clever with a welder shouldn't have any problem making the upright.



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