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Default Re: Things I Hate About Riding My MB

just gotta get this one off my chest . i take my bike to work like to many others except my dog is in a trailer behind me , he loves the ride, anyway the same person three workdays in a row has passed me at a distance of about 2mm. while at the same time only being about 10 feet max from a stop sign and cuts right in front of me brake checks me and yells while hanging out the side window get the f-bomb our of the road. now this goes way beyond the normal car thinking im in the way its my belife that he is jeprodizing my personal safety. license plate has been reported to the local athority for irratic driving three days hopefully that will be enough for them to remember him and give him a spook. and i thought to myself what type of person has a grudge against a grown man on the side roads going the speed limit on a bicycle anyway. not an enviromentalist hes in a body lifted jeep with what sounds like a chevy v-8 under the hood cops like descriptions like that takes if from neddle in a hay stack to about that guy.(finger pointing at body lifted v-8 jeep)
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