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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by happycheapskate View Post
Hi, CTripps, if there is a spoke ever poking the tube, there is a serious problem with the wheel. If it is a single wall rim, where the nipples are un-guarded, you can use a couple wraps of Gorilla Tape, my favorite rim strip ever.

If it is a double wall rim, the spokes should not be able to impact the tube at all. Gorilla tape is still good for these rims. Just stretch a length out 4" more than the circumference, and nick with a blade and tear a strip in size needed. 2 wraps should hold even the highest PSI tire combos.
I've only had a spoke related problem once, and I don't do business with that bike shop any more. I was working, so I had my wife go in with the wheel for me, with the list of what I wanted done. They ignored truing the wheel and fitted it with a new new tube and tire, leaving a rim full of spaghetti spokes. If you even mention motorizing to them they put on the "We're TRUE CYCLISTS" attitude and then treat you worse than a Hummer driver. In Vancouver there's only about 20 more bike shops, so I have other options. Anyway, still not sure what caused the puncture this time, but I washed the rim and tire out thoroughly by hand and didn't find anything. My rim is lined with some sort of blue band, can't recall the name on it right now. It looked to be in great condition, smooth all around etc. It's strange that even with a new tire this puncture was in the same place as my last two tubes, a couple of spokes from the valve stem, on the outside/treadside of the wheel.

So today I changed the fuel line to a bit of 3/16" ID line I bought from NAPA, and went for a test burn up and down the lane, seems to be good. I'll change the line on the other bike tomorrow, probably. Got all my carriers and gear back on as well. It felt weird not having that weight on the bike for the test run. I discovered the right side carrier had worn through the sheathing on my rear shift cable. No strands were broken, so I greased it, sheathed it with a bit of pvc tubing, and double wound it with "magic wrap" tape. Hopefully I have it positioned now so that it doesn't wear too quickly.

The weather's supposed to clear for a few days, so we should get some good rides in.


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