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Default Re: custom frame powered

Yup..I used the Staton 18.75: 1 gear reduction...18 tooth sprocket on the output. 44 on the hub. Gives a top speed of about 16mph....but the key is..the clutch is fully engaged at about 5 it goes slow real well, without slipping the clutch..which would be a real problem with a higher ratio for more top end. The Machine is not a commutor..but a "campground bike" so to speak...and seldom will speeds exceed 10 -12 mph...its perfect for the mission intended..and I think the Honda/Staton combo will be pretty well bullet-proof. Which was the top priority anyway..cause my wife will be riding it! Since these pics..I re-did the engine mounting, and have added 3 barry mounts to eliminate the vibration..which I really did not on that in the "mounting section" . Worked perfectly..just about zero vibration thru the seat, bars and footrests now.
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