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Default Re: Some help with centrifugal clutch install

Hold off on making the keyway until you see how the parts fit.

Other members who had centrifugal clutches installed have had problems of the clutch slipping and machining away the taper, and then they had to do the keyway mod.

I did the keyway mod on my first few builds to try and prevent any problems with the clutch slipping on the shaft.

Eventually, I started to install them the 'normal' way, without doing any keyway cutting or anything, and they all are holding up fine, no problems at all.

My opinion is to install the clutch normally, and if you eventually get slippage, then you can cut the keyway.

BTW, my last two kits did not have vent holes up top in the gas cap, and those diamond bits were perfect for adding a hole or two up there.
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