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Default Re: First Build-Early Review GEBE

Originally Posted by virginian View Post
I have the same system - GEBE 32 cc Tanaka engine. I love it. Cruises at 30mph. Over 4000 miles and it has never broken down and left me stranded on the road.

Yes, the gas tank is too small. I solved the problem by adding a 1.5 liter auxillary tank. Just mount the aux tank on the motor support, run a single fuel tube to a hole drilled in the stock tank, and plug the hole in the stock tank cap.

That extends the range to 80 miles. Two MSR gas bottle extend the range to 130 miles. I also have another 1.5 liter bottle that i can put in a pannier for a total range of 180 miles.

ideas like this are amazeing the small tank on these things is a huge killer love the idea of it

i love my gebe but my tanks the first thing im gona have to uprgrade

took it for a spin till the tank rank out 30 mpg i went up hillls all out tryed to get a very mixed driveing versus the equivilant of city and highway for our bike wanted a nice mix
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