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Default Re: HONDA GXH50 or Mitsubishi TLE43

Originally Posted by HoughMade View Post
I have a Honda GXH50 with the governor disabled. I would agree with the above assessment. The Honda weighs about 12 pounds alone. It is very smooth and quiet with the stock intake and exhaust...neither of which I have. It won't make as much power as a high quality 2 stroke (better than a suspect quality 2 stroke). However, it makes really good torque and is "powerful enough" powers my 220# rear to about 40 mph and cruises at a very easy 25 to 30 mph.

Depends on what you want- smooth and easy or pure power. Both are very high quality.
Hello HoughMade,
Im putting a Honda Elite CH80 carb on my Honda GXH50. I seen you said you have modified intake and am looking to modify mine to a slant if I cant fit it streight.
Do you have any resources to locate the parts for a custom manifold?
Thanks Either way
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