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Das ist super build, Axel and welcome to the forum!

We need more members like yourself, why I just like to see members with the desire to build anything be it a Walmart Cruiser Bicycle or even better a completely custom build such as your vintage style motofahrrad!

Please start a build thread in the Vintage & Board Track Racers thread and please do share more pictures of your custom build.

By the way there is a guy in Deutchland selling the Velor Timeshifter ( Boardtracker ) on if you could please check and see if he'll ship to USA he has 2- Velor Timeshifter Boardtrackers for sell let us know, and welcome to the forum!

Peace Crazy Horse.
P.S. Are you close to Bremen? That is where my mother and grandparents are from. bis spater schuss!

Originally Posted by axelkloehn View Post
Hi folks,

I am Axel from North-Germany and I bought the motorkit from xbay, first put it in my daily driver, but decided it is not the right bike. Inspired by many historic bikes and pics from this forum I grabbed my old beachcruiser and ripped it apart. The result is shown in the pics.
You are welcome to let me know your thoughts about my project- still working on it...

Yours, Axel
P.S. Builders check this thread for in depth info for Horizontal 4-stroke Honda crf50 Pitbike / Dirtbike / Atv engines:

These engines work best used for motorizing the Stretch Cruisers & Chopper builds.
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