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Default Re: Fever hits germany

nice bike are you going to use a jack shaft or a sprocket on the left? if a regular sprocket how do you mount it? also what is that behind door # 1 a lotus ? I had one of the greatest sports cars to ever leave germany the OPEL GT HaHaHAhAhA ha ha s were on me I bought one in 78. the standard position was hood up,not much diff. from a china girl. looks like you know how to build , do yourself a favor if you can go morini. in 79 I spent a month in germany my parents were from dusseldorf and wuppertal came to amerika in 54. sacksenhousen was my favorite place berlin was ok but being from n.y. I have seen that way of living a thousand other question being I just went to court in fl. because of unclear statutes. what is the law in germany on gas powerd bicycles ? if you could answer this under the laws&leg. section.thanks Bob Buchholz WIEDERSEHEN
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