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Default Re: New build, very tight fit, intake fabrication.

Nice shields Pat, they're good for "stealth" too, I'd imagine.

That's a good idea with the 'hose Vinny.

At the original angle, it ran pretty good actually. Idled great, and the top end screamed. It runs a lot worse with the extension. But that could be my fault. The 3/4" elbow is clamped over the shorty, so there's like a ledge there. When going down to idle, it'll rev like crazy and I have to let the clutch out a little to help it settle. There's no air leak, so I think a puddle builds up at(and under) the ledge and won't let it idle for a good 5 seconds after going off throttle.

On the other end of the scale, it won't rev up half as fast, or near as far either. Going to rethink the 3/4" and figure out a more streamlined internal profile. You'd think that going from the 3/4" to the 1/2" would create a 'venturi' effect. But nope, no luck with this set up. Back to the plumbing section ^^)

Stinky, that's a good tip. I've also read about filling a tube with water and freezing it for the same effect, to keep it from 'pinching'.
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