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Default Some help with centrifugal clutch install

Hey guys, so I ordered a centrifugal clutch today, and it already shipped. Should be here soon, its shipping from CA, and I live in CA. I'm looking over the PDF of how to install, and I'm a bit confused on two things. So here I will post the process that I think is right.

1) Remove clutch cover.
2) Remove retaining screw and flower nut.
3) Remove small gear
4) Install new clutch cover.
5) Install clutch assembly.

Seems simple enough. A couple of things that worry me though, is on the instructions it said that there are 3 pins that you are supposed to make flush.

How do I do that? I don't have any tools like that.

Also, by looking at this page:
Motorized Bicycle Centrifugal Clutch Install

And the guy there is saying to not forget to remove the shear pin. What's that? Do I have to put that back in when installing the new clutch?
And reading other posts. People say things like
"I machined away most of the taper on the clutch and also machined a keyway into it so that I could use the Woodruff key from the stock gear."
I don't really know what that means either.
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